RDL Pharmacies

Primarily a retail pharmaceutical services group, however we also have in house clinic services with medical doctor services right next to all our Branches. We are suppliers of related medical equipment: Kutuma-Sinthule Maximum Security Prison has been supplied with pharmaceuticals, x-ray machines and other hospital equipment. We see Africa as an exciting growth opportunity and have successfully supplied Pharmaceuticals to entities in Ghana. We have the ability and capacity and intend in accelerating our expansion strategy through meaningful and mutually beneficial business relationship. Rex Dlamini Inc provides internship opportunities, training of Pharmacist Assistants, basic and post basic. We invest in our local community by developing the skills of our youth.



Our registered Reflexologist offers this service at Gazamed Pharmacy of which the benefits are vast.


All our seven branches have clinics for your convenience. Our professional nurses and doctors are there to diagnose and treat you.

Primary Health Care Clinics

Each pharmacy has a professional registered nurse where baby immunizations, family planning and other services are provided at affordable rates.

Doctors rooms are conveniently located within in meters of our pharmacies allowing easy access for new clients and clients with repeat scripts.

A female pharmacist sits with a senior female patient in the pharmacist consultation area and discusses her prescription and choice of medication. In the background a father and daughter stand at the dispensing counter and are served by a female pharmacy assistant .

Digital Photo Lab

Our digital photo labs are stationed at Giyani and Gazamed Pharmacies where our clients are able to photocopy, print, email and scan. In addition to this our clients are able to receive ID and passport photos at low costs. Design of invitation cards, laminating and photo frames are available at these labs. Products are printed and assembled with the highest level of quality assurance.

Pills on a white background


All our dispensaries are managed and supervised by qualified Pharmacists who are registered with SAPC with commendable work experience. Our Pharmacists strive to build a community of clients that feel at ease and at home when visiting our dispensaries by providing counselling where needed which ensures a continuous Pharmacist-Client relationship. At RDL, we ensure that we adhere to the pharmacy council regulatory frameworks for prescription medicines that is dispensed to all our clients. Schedule 3 or higher is only sold to clients with a prescription from a doctor, dentist or allied health professional. By law, patients can only get a 6-months repeat prescription. This medication is paid for using cash or via medical aid.

Pharmacist works in a pharmacy.  She reviews shelves filled with prescriptions, medication dosage and drug interactions at a local pharmacy.   View of one African descent female pharmacist through shelves.

Front Shop

Our front shops offer a variety of products suitable for any client that visits our pharmacies. These products range from baby care, beauty & hair care, skin & nail care, multivitamins & other supplements, general over the counter medicines, first aid, herbal/homeopathic products, weight loss products, cosmetics, jewellery, reading glasses, shoes & foot care, veterinary, household and convenience ( airtime, data, snacks, beverages). Constant market research and client interaction/feedback allows us to ensure that we diversify our products.

Scanner Of Life

At RDL we have the Scanner Of Life technology stationed at Giyani, Hubyeni and Zamani Pharmacies. We are the only group of pharmacies with this state of the art technology. It is a next generation rapid body analyser instrument as it incorporates the process of Neurosomatic Biofrequency Synchronization (NBS) which is a powerful, yet subtle, nano-quantum energetic system which uses the power of frequency combined with electrical brainwave activity to assess the health of the body by inducing enhanced cellular frequency energy and resonance.

The analysis and treatment program are unique, and have been designed to be utilized as a general rapid screening device thereby reducing the need for lengthy and costly biochemical pathology based blood and urine chemistry tests for various health related conditions. It simply scans the body in a non-invasive manner and collects bio electronic health data within minutes from the various body systems.

The Scanner Of Life produces an individualized report for our health care practitioners. It has the advantages of completeness, cost effectiveness, non-invasiveness, practicality, simplicity and speed. With the depth and development of its reporting structures, it makes a great contribution to ensure that serious medical disorders or early warning signs are picked up through speedy assessment, thereby allowing rapid implementation of corrective measures to reduce the debilitating effects of stress and trauma and disease. Early medical and lifestyle interventions, as well as serial progress monitoring efficiency, ensures human health improvement, life expectancy enhancement, increased productivity and reduced financial burden. This technology places our group at a competitive advantage in Limpopo.

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