Internships available 2018-2019


Pharmacy Learnerships work requires dedication as it is the part of science that deals with the collection, preparation, as well as the regulation of drugs. Pharmacists are in control of storing and providing the right dose of medicine to patients as prescribed by a doctor. They also give patients dosage instructions for both over the counter and prescribed medicine.

Pharmacists are not only able to work in traditional pharmacies but are also found working in retail and hospital pharmacies. Some pharmacists prefer to do consultancy work, drug research, and development or work at a university, frail care and managed care or in the Armed services. With today’s technological advancements we also see more internet companies, clinics, and public health services employ pharmacists.

A pharmacist is known to be one of the easiest available occupations in the health care industry to those with the right degrees. A pharmacist is not only there to provide medication but also gives guidance and support to those who need it. It is a rewarding profession and seen as the utmost confidential profession throughout the world.

Pharmacy Learnerships Available
All learnerships in this field are within the medical field, in a pharmacy. These pharmacies are located as stand-alone businesses, part of a shop, hospital, clinic or community center.

Career fields:

Pharmacy Assistant
Pharmacist Assistant
Most learnerships offered by companies in this field are for a one-year duration. The successful candidate will receive a monthly stipend, however, transport, accommodation, and meals will be their own responsibility.

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